Dresage Wants To Understand Her Brain

Badass singer-songwriter and activist Dresage has dropped a new single “Who I Am” and it tells us exactly who she is. She’s the left out, uninvited cool girl that, despite what you’d think, we all want to be friends with.

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October 16, 2020

Dresage/ Breaking The Stigma Behind Female Producers

Dresage is here to put on for all the female producers in the world, encouraging more women to enter the space. Currently less than 5% of the industry, the Washington native is a true anomaly in the music industry when it comes to her art, from scoring films to exploring her own sound and texture.

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November 13, 2020

Exclusive: Into the Dark's Valentine's Day Episode Is All About Betrayal and Heartbreak

The latest installment of Blumhouse Television's horror anthology series, Into the Dark, has us seeing red. The upcoming Valentine's Day installment, titled "My Valentine," takes a note from some of the biggest pop scandals over the past decade, and POPSUGAR has an exclusive first look.

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February 4, 2020

‘Into The Dark’ Sets Britt Baron, Anna Lore, Benedict Samuel, Anna Akana For Valentine’s Day-Themed Installment Of Horror Anthology

Get ready for a heart attack. The forthcoming Valentine’s Day installment of Blumhouse Television’s horror anthology series Into the Dark has unveiled its cast which includes Britt Baron (GLOW), Anna Lore (Doom Patrol), Benedict Samuel (Gotham) and Anna Akana (Let It Snow) to star in the series which will also feature Ally Maki (Toy Story 4) and Sachin Bhatt (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow).

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January 8, 2020

How Dresage’s Dreamy Musical Universe is Changing the L.A. Music Scene

Once you discover that Keeley Bumford (a.k.a. Dresage) grew up studying Celtic flute, jazz vocals, opera, and riot grrrl-era singer-songwriters, things start to make sense. The textured, ethereal sounds she brings to Dresage certainly aren’t born of your standard music education. Nor is the way she builds entire worlds within her songs.

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July 3, 2019

Singer/songwriter and producer Dresage gets personal on "Gallery"

Back in April I introduced the colorful future pop single "Dinosaur" from fun-loving duo More Giraffes. Now one half of the duo, singer/songwriter/producer Keeley Bumford aka Dresage, is presenting another passion project on her own. In her version of personal exploration through sound and texture, she's just released "Gallery," a self reflection on love, romance, and heartbreak.

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June 1, 2018

Dresage – Gallery

You might recognise the name of Keeley Bumford aka Dresage. She’s one half of the blog-conquering More Giraffes, though she gives a pretty good account of herself solo too. Gallery is electronic pop that ticks all our boxes, pounding while Dresage coos over the beat. It’s relentless in a good way, with Bumford not resting (even on a quiet middle-eight) till you’ve succumbed to her charm. Check it out below.

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June 1, 2018

Dresage Pin-Points Perfect Art-Pop On New Song 'Gallery'

Los Angeles vocalist Dresage makes pop, but not pop. She's pop in the sense of wanting her ideas to reach a wide audience, but her sharply defined melodies are informed by some left field elements. Art-pop in the realest sense, new song 'Gallery' matches brooding synths to lashings of flouro-soaked colour.

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May 30, 2018

Dresage: Gallery

Let's be honest. If you know me, you know I was obsessed with this from the get-go. Bombastic drums, soaring & nuanced synthwork, and a vocal that's so effortless it's awe-inducing. Today, look no further than Dresage's latest to get your fill of fun. Also, don't you dare skip out before the three minute mark. I'm not going to spoil it, but you best listen and keep on listening. Over and over and over.

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Kick Kick Snare

May 30, 2018


Can there be too many feminist anthems? Dresage and G.Smith don’t think so; in fact, they recently collaborated on a new one called “Therapy,” which Grimy Goods has the pleasure to premiere today. It is a happy compromise between their production styles, where every bubbling moment holds something bold and new.

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Grimy Goods

April 16, 2019


Premiere: More Giraffes – “Bermuda” — The LA-based Duo Have Dropped Their Infectious Futuristic-pop EP.


September 18, 2019

A thick wedge of actual glittering sunshine, “Bermuda” is the brand new EP from LA-based duo More Giraffes – made up of Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford. Their 2018 debut EP “It Was A Joke” was where we first got a taste of the group’s signature sugary futuristic pop vibes, and “Bermuda” is more of the same experimental stuff we know and love. Quirky bubblegum vocals, layered twinkly synths and a paced laid-back pop rhythm, it’s the ideal way to see the summer out.


My Favorite Album: More Giraffes’ Mark Hadley

LA Weekly

August 19, 2019

J Dilla Donuts (Stones Throw) The GOAT will always be Donuts by J Dilla for me. This record transformed my approach to making music. Every track is a masterclass in sampling and beats. I was in college the first time I spun the album and I keep coming back… It truly stands the test of time and I always hear something new and unique when I listen.


Get Your Daily Dose Of Electropop With More Giraffes’ “Basement”


February 7, 2018

The new sound of falling in love — The voice is a marvel of an instrument. The way singers and musicians can manipulate it to sound otherworldly is mystifying. Recently, the electronic pop world has been privy to pitched-up vocals that sound more like blips and bleeps than actual human tones. But when done well, the effect can be chilling.


More Giraffes Rock Animal Onesies in Zany 'Not Cool' Video: Exclusive


October 9, 2018

California-based pop duo More Giraffes (Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford) has debuted a colorful, fun video for their third single "Not Cool," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 8). Directed by Colin West McDonald, the visual follows a girl in the process of getting over a breakup, with more emphasis on topics such as humor, fun and forgiveness than heartbreak. While she initially gives up on love, her urge to forgive becomes stronger than her willingness to spend another night in her dinosaur onesie, ​eating takeout. The song's upbeat melody and catchy lyrics compliment the video's bright colors and overall humorous tone.


ICYMI: Nilufer Yanya, More Giraffes, Henry Green, Shay Lia & More

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February 7, 2018

Now this is what you call a debut. We haven’t been excited by a new act like this for some time, not least for the name (who doesn’t want More Giraffes, eh?). Mark Hadley and Keeley Bumford pop with an electronic jam that’s buoyant, vibrant, and generally makes us excited about new music again. Not to be missed.